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C Litter NAVHDA natural ability test

October 11, 2014

First of all we want to thank all the C litter pup owners for natural ability testing their dogs this past summer and fall. A total of 6 pups tested and they all did a great job. As a result we will be awarded a natural ability breeders award for the C litter from both NAVHDA and SMCNA.

Annie (Celeste) – handled by James Huck – 97 prize 3
Caedon – handled by Matt Melton 112 prize 1
Crony (Cornelia) – handled by Mark Jefferies – 94
Holly (Clementine) – handled by Alexi Makkas – 104 prize 2
Cash (Cosmo) – handled by Joel Kuhar- 112 prize 1
Catawaba Xela (Charlie) – handled by David Nighswander – 102 prize 3

We will add more pictures as we get them, but here’s some for now.





Holly with owner Alexi



Great job everyone, and thanks again.

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  1. Dave Nighswander permalink

    Preparing for the NAVHDA NA provided motivation to work with Xela on a regular schedule. As a result, the basic disciplines have been instilled as she matures & gains hunting experience.
    Her Prize II is more a reflection of my inexperience as a handler for an event like this, than her ability to perform. In the search, I as too hands-off and allowed her to run (and boy did she run). In hindsight, I should have given her commands (hup, here) while she searched as I had done in her training – living & learning is a blast!

    Dave Nighswander
    Hunter’s Moon Catawba Xela

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