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Hunter’s Moon F Litter

The pups were born on April 2, 2017. There were two females and 7 males. All pups are sold. The next litter will be in Spring of 2018. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact Kevin.
Hunter’s Moon Breck
Bilstars Big Bill
Born: March 16, 2012

Color: Brown and White

Height: 52.7 cm / 20.75 inches

Weight: 46 lbs

PennHip: .39/.40

NAVHDA NA: 93 Prize III (Age 5 mos, 1 day – third youngest small munsterlander to prize at the time)

Michigan Grouse & Woodcock Hunting
Dog Classic: 3rd place (Summer 2015)

Born: July 28, 2010

Color: Roan

Height: 21 1/16″/ 53.6cm

Weight: 52 lbs

NA: 100 Prize II 13.1 mos old

Hips OFA Good SMU-128G24-VPI





Breck is a beautiful dog with an excellent temperament, and is also very affectionate. She gets along with other dogs and children very well. She is a great house dog, but like most hunting dogs, she loves being outside as much as possible. Breck loves to hunt, and is one of those dogs that never gets tired. We primarily hunt her on grouse and woodcock in Michigan, where she has a medium range, and handles very easily. She is also a very good retriever of both upland birds and waterfowl.

The sire for this litter is Bilstars Big Bill “Billy”. He compliments Breck well with his medium build and beautiful coat. Billy is primarily hunted on ruffed grouse and woodcock in northern Wisconsin, but also makes some trips out west to the Dakotas for pheasants.

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