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About Hunter’s Moon Kennel

My name is Kevin Crowley and I own Hunter’s Moon Kennel in Michigan. My wife and I have lived in Michigan our entire lives and I was fortunate enough to have a father who got me involved with hunting at a young age. Hunting and hunting dogs is the biggest passion in my life.

In 2006 I bought my first Small Munsterlander from Krystal Creek Kennels and firmly believe that this is the breed I will own, train, and breed the rest of my life. Litha, my dog, is a wonderful hunting companion and helps amp up my excitement every fall.

Jody and I are dog lovers through and through. Jody has been around dogs her entire life, with her parents owning a kennel for boarding and breeding. We have both grown to love Small Munsterlanders for their energy, strength, intelligence, instinct and persistence.

To learn more about our Small Munsterlanders, click here.


  1. Jim Sweeney permalink

    Kevin –
    Just watched the most recent pup video, those are some great looking pups! In March I had to say goodbye to my small munster, a great companion for almost 14 years. I may be interested in a pup from one of your future litters, Litha is a very nice looking SMP!
    Jim Sweeney
    Traverse City

  2. dan klnnee permalink

    Kevin, thank you for all the help and tips ln getting Sammy ready for the navda na test. He had a great day, we all did. Thanks again. Danu

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