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Puppy Gallery (3 Weeks)

Puppy Gallery (3 weeks)

Just like our previous litters we give the pups kennel names. Since this is our D litter, all names must begin with the letter D.

Puppy owners can keep the kennel name, or choose their own D name. The pups call name has no restrictions, so can be the kennel name, or any name the owner chooses.


Drummer – after the nickname for our favorite game bird.


Dux – Named after the German sire of our B litter. Means leader.


Drugi – German name that means strong.


Dax – Means water. Variation of the German name Dachs that means badger hunter.


Drogo – German name derived from dragon. Means to bear or carry.


Dusty – German name that means brave warrior.



Diana – The goddess of the hunt and moon.


Delmy – German name that means noble protector.


Dancer – Nickname for our other favorite little game bird the woodcock.


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