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Hunter’s Moon G Litter announced

We will breeding Breck again sometime in April or so. The sire we will be using for the G litter will be Robingun’s Doctor Leer v Aico – “Doc”. More information can be found on the Hunter’s Moon G litter page. We have contacted all the prospective buyers on our list, so if you haven’t heard from us, please contact us. Anyone else interested in more information, we still have room for deposits left, so contact us soon before deposits fill up.



First F Litter pup NA prize 1 yesterday.

The first pup out of our F Litter tested yesterday at the NAVHDA Lone Star Chapter. Congratulations to Jason Oliver and his pup Hunter’s Moon Fox who got a perfect score 112 prize 1 in the natural ability test.

Two more E litter pups pass NAVHDA natural ability test this past weekend 

Congratulations to Dal Vernon Reising and his pup Hunter’s Moon Etta. Etta achieved a 97 prize 3 in her NAVHDA natural ability test this past Friday at the SE Michigan NAVHDA chapter test. 
Congratulations to Mike Palmitier and his pup Hunter’s Moon Eclipse “Willow”. Willow achieved a 110 points prize 1 in her natural ability test this past Sunday at the Northern Michigan NAVHDA chapter test. 

Two E litter pups pass NAVHDA natural ability test

Congratulations to Andrea Vicars and her pup Jaerin – Hunter’s Moon Edie Von Halen. Jaerin got a prize 2 – 95 pts. in her NAVHDA test at the SEMI NAVHDA Chapter this past Sunday. Our pup Hunter’s Moon Elsa also ran and got a prize 1 – 112 pts.

  Andrea & Jaerin                       Kevin & Elsa

F Litter 7 1/2 weeks

The F litter is 7 1/2 weeks old now and will start going to their new homes in a few days. We posted the pups 7 1/2 week puppy pictures today.

Hers a short video of the pups from yesterday. 

Working on posting some more videos. Only have have cellular service right now, so soon as we can upload with wifi, we’ll add some more. 

F litter 6 weeks old

The F litter is 6 weeks old now, and they made their first trip to our cabin. They real enjoyed the extra big puppy/dog run. Lots of room to play and run around. Here’s a couple short videos of the fun today. 

6 Week old pictures posted today as well.

F litter puppies first day outside

After raining for three straight days, we finally got some nice weather, and the pups enjoyed their first day outside. Click on the link below for a short video of the pups playing in the kennel run. 

F Litter 3 1/2 weeks old 

F litter is 3 1/2 weeks old now, and the puppy pen is set was set up last weekend. They are moving around more and starting to play. Here’s a short video of them in the puppy pen today.

3 week old puppy pictures were also posted under the F litter page. 

F Litter 10 Days Old

Most of the pups have doubled in size, and are starting to get more active moving around. Their eyes will start to open in the next few days. The legs on the pups that will be roan are starting to darken, and the white part of their coats will keep darkening for the next several weeks. Here’s a short video of the pups in the whelping box at 10 days old. 

Hunter’s Moon F Litter is here. 

Breck had her puppies yesterday evening. 7 boys and 2 girls. Breck and all 9 pups are healthy and doing great. With 7 males born, it looks like we still have a couple pups available. Please contact us if you’re interested.