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L Litter pups have gone to their new homes

This post is a little late, but due to prior commitments, the last pup didn’t go to her new home until last week. Anyways, we are pretty excited, as the L litter pups will be spread out across the country this time around.

Hunter’s Moon Liesl “Piper”, now in North Dakota with Alex, Aryana, and their older small munsterlander Pete.

Hunter’s Moon Ludolf “Freckles”, now in South Carolina with the LoConte family and Hunter’s Moon Fritz.

Hunter’s Moon Leonardo, former’s Luca, staying in Michigan with the Zeman family.

Hunter’s Moon Lady Norah, formerly Luna, flew to Louisiana to be with the Cartwright family.

Hunter’s Moon Lothar “Remi”, staying in Michigan with the Goode family. Unfortunately, we missed get a group photo, so here’s the most recent one we had of Remi.

Hunter’s Moon Lucky Willie, formerly Lutz, staying in Michigan with the Link family.

Hunter’s Moon Lucky Rosie, formerly Layla, now in with the Feigner family who drove all the way from Oregon to get this lucky girl.

L Litter 8 Weeks

Time really flew by for the L Litter. It’s hard to believe the pups are 8 weeks and headed to new homes over the next week. It was nice the weather broke and the pups got to spend the last 2 weeks at our northern Michigan property. Here’s a few last videos of them enjoying the dog run.

8 week pictures

L Litter 7 weeks

Another week has flown by, and it’s hard to believe the pups will start going to new homes in a week. With the spring weather finally breaking, we were able to move the pup up to our northern Michigan property so the pups have a bigger dog run. They even had a puppy buyer visit which picture below shows them after the visit. Internet connection isn’t the best so having problems loading videos, but here’s a few. We will post more later in the week if we can get them to load.

L Litter 6 weeks old

The L Litter turned 6 weeks on Friday. They’ve been getting outside the last week when the weather hasn’t been raining, sleeting and snowing. Today we are moving them to our northern Michigan property so they’ll will have a bigger dog run soon. Here’s a couple short videos from yesterday and today. More videos to come once they get settle in at their new surroundings.

6 week L Litter pictures link

L Litter 4 1/2 Weeks

The L Litter had a busy few days this past weekend, as they moved into the puppy pen and started on solid food. With getting close to 10″ of snow the past week, the pups are still waiting for their first trip outside. With some warmer weather and sunshine on the way, we’re hoping later this week will be better for the pups finding out what the dog run is all about. Here’s a couple short videos of the pups enjoying the puppy pen yesterday.

See the link below for 4 1/2 week L Litter pictures.

L Litter pups 3 weeks old

The L Litter pups turned 3 weeks yesterday, learning to walk around, and starting to play with each other a bit. They are a noisy bunch, and even noisier when they’re hungry. Less than a week and they will be moving to the puppy pen. Here’s a short video, enjoy.

In case anyone missed it, here’s the 3 week old pictures from yesterday.

L Litter 2 weeks old

The L Litter pups turned 2 weeks old yesterday. They are growing fast, and are quite a bit ahead in size compared to Elsa’s previous litters. Their eyes are opened or almost opened, and they are walking around already. Here’s a couple short videos, enjoy.

L Litter puppies arrived a day early

Elsa had her pups in the early hours yesterday. 4 males and 3 females, all healthy and doing well. All pups are spoken for and going to great homes.

Additional pictures on the L litter page.

Two K Litter pups available

We had a couple unexpected late cancelations, so we have one male and one female pup available. The pups turned 9 weeks Monday and will have a second round of vaccines Friday. More pictures available on the K Litter – Puppy Gallery.

Male – Kahn

Female – Kora

Long weekend with pups headed to their new homes

The most exciting part of raising pups is having their new families pick them up. It was a long bittersweet weekend with 9 K litter pups getting picked up.

Hunter’s Moon Kato, formerly Kaden on the left and Hunter’s Moon Kuno (new name coming) on the right, both now in Pennsylvania with Janet Williams and her husband Jim.

Hunter’s Moon Kordelia “Hookie”, staying in Michigan with Chamberlin family.

Hunter’s Moon Kain, staying in Michigan with the Bailey family and his uncle Murphy (Falco from the F litter).

Hunter’s Moon Kyra “Indy”, now in Wisconsin with the Aiken family and her aunt Mya (Erma from the E litter).

Hunter’s Moon King’s Case in Point “Case”, formerly Klaus, now in Pennsylvania with the Myers family.

Hunter’ Moon Katie, formerly Kasimira, now in Ohio with Keith Daniels from Trappers Run Kennel.

Hunter’s Moon Katja, staying in Michigan with Addie Bauer and Pete Russel

Hunter’s Moon Kloe, formerly Kinga, staying in Michigan with the Knot family.

(Picture coming)

For unforeseen reason, we had a couple late cancellations, so we have two beautiful puppies available. Please contact us asap if you’re interested, as they won’t last long. Here’s a couple pictures and more pictures available at the K Litter – Puppy Gallery

Kahn – male

Kora – Female