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G Litter pups head to their new homes

Well it’s always bitter sweet saying goodbye to the pups, but we are happy they all have some amazing new homes. Here’s some pictures of the pups and their new families.

Stefanie Chartrand from Ontario with Galant Oskar “Oskar”, formerly Gerhard.

Ben McKeith from Michigan with Galaxy Brunhilda “Hildi”

Dan Clark from Michigan with Greta

The Parks family from Michigan with Goober “Parker”

Barb & Fred Minchhoff from Pennsylvania with Ghost Tug “Tug”

The Schulz family from Michigan with Gustaf “Goose”, formerly Gerwalt.

Jim Gilsdorf from Michigan with Griswold “Fritz”

Little Gertie flew to her new home in Washington with Rickey Hamilton

Griselda “Zelda” will be living in Iowa with her new owner Mitchell Gibbs

G Litter – 6 Weeks old videos

The G litter turned 6 weeks last weekend and we took a few videos of them. They get more active everyday and a lot faster. They have also have colored collars on now, so see if you can pick out who’s who. See the 6 week old puppy pictures for puppies collar colors.

Natural Ability Test – 112 Prize 1 for F litter pup

Big congrats to Sam Mrozinski and her pup “Murphy”- Hunter’s Moon Falco. They ran NAVHDA natural ability test today, and achieve a perfect score 112 prize 1. Thanks Sam for test Murphy, and even bigger thanks for taking the ferry across Lake Michigan to test at the NAVHDA Kettle Moraine Chapter in Wisconsin.

G litter pups first road trip

The G litter turned 5 weeks and were finally old enough to take up to our cabin. They really enjoy the extra space in our fenced in dog run. Here’s a few videos of them having fun.

Excited for lunch!

At just 4 1/2 Weeks old the pups have no problem using the stairs. A little clanking on their metal food dish, and they come running outside excited for lunch. Amazing how fast they learn things.

4 1/2 week old individual pictures were also posted today.

Busy weekend for the G litter pups

On Friday the G litter pups had their first solid meal and went outside for the first time. Saturday and Sunday the pups had visits from 3 soon to be new G litter families. Here’s a couple short videos of the weekend.

First solid meal

First day outside

F Litter June NAVHDA NA Test

Gary Van’t Land and Hunter’s Moon Fonzie “Radar” had a score of 98 points at the Northern Michigan test June 16th. John and Olivia LoConte tested their pup Hunter’s Moon Faldo “Mr. Fritz” June 23rd at the Ottawa Valley NY Chapter test. Mr. Fritz achieved 93 points prize 3.

Olivia, John, and Mr. Fritz

Congrats and thanks to Gary, John, and Olivia for testing their pups.

G litter 3 weeks old

The G litter turned 3 weeks old yesterday, so we set up the puppy pen for them. They’re always a little overwhelmed at first, but they soon enjoy the extra room. Here’s a short video of them from today.

Hunter’s Moon G Litter has arrived

Breck had her puppies early yesterday morning. 5 males and 4 females. All are healthy and doing well. All females are spoken for, but we have 1 or 2 males available. Contact us if your interested.

For more pictures, see the Puppy Gallery.

Hunter’s Moon G Litter announced

We will breeding Breck again sometime in April or so. The sire we will be using for the G litter will be Robingun’s Doctor Leer v Aico – “Doc”. More information can be found on the Hunter’s Moon G litter page. We have contacted all the prospective buyers on our list, so if you haven’t heard from us, please contact us. Anyone else interested in more information, we still have room for deposits left, so contact us soon before deposits fill up.