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2 more I litter pups pass NAVHDA natural ability test

Hunter’s Moon Iggy “Maverick” achieved 103 points prize 2 this past Saturday at the Central Indiana Chapter NAVHDA natural ability test. Hunter’s Moon Impeccable HotSpot Dot “Dottie” achieved a maximum score 112 prize 1 this past Sunday at the Northern Michigan Chapter NAVHDA natural ability test. Thanks to Bob Dine and Keith Terhorst for testing their pups.

Keith and Dottie

Natural ability prize 1 for the first I litter pup

Congrats to Paul Fritzell and 6 month old Hunter’s Moon Isolde “Daphne” on earning a maximum score 112 points – prize 1 at this past weekends Michigan NAVHDA Chapters natural ability test.

I Litter pups have made it to their new homes

All the pups have been picked up and are enjoying life with their new family’s. Little Ivo “Ziggy” had to get picked up a few days early with the the Canadian border getting closed, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but his new family got here just in time. We are lucky as the rest of the pups new family’s all live in southern Michigan, and only a short drive.

Ivo “Ziggy” ready for his trip to Ontario Canada and his new home with the Chartrand family.

Inspector Mackinaw “Mack” (Iggy) staying in Michigan with the Lewis family.

Indy (Ida) will be staying in Michigan with Daniel Pond

Isolde “Daphne” staying in Michigan with Mileah and Paul Fritzell

Hunter’s Moon Impeccable HotSpot Dot “Dottie” (Irmina) staying in Michigan with Keith Terhorst

Here’s a short video of the 4 pups less Ivo, playing together one last time before leaving for new homes.

I Litter 7 weeks old

The I litter turned 7 weeks old and has been lucky to spend a lot of time outside. Their favorite game is to play keep away with a plastic bottle. Here’s a couple short videos of the fun.

7 week old puppy pictures have also been posted on the I litter page.

I Litter pups 5 1/2 weeks old and getting outside

The snow has mostly melted and we have some mild weather for early March in SW Michigan. This gives the I litter pups a chance to get outside, run around and play. Here’s a short video of them enjoying some time outside today.

I Litter 4 1/2 weeks old

The I litter is 4 1/2 weeks old and starting to eat solid food. They’re also starting to play and chase each other around more. Here’s a couple videos of them from today.

4 1/2 week old pictures were added yesterday as well.

I Litter 3 weeks old

The I litter turned 3 weeks yesterday and we set up the puppy pen for them. Here’s a short video of them getting use to their new surroundings.

3 week old pictures of the pups were also added yesterday. Check out the link below.

I Litter 2 weeks old

The I litter turned 2 weeks today and their eyes just opened. They are also more active and making noise. Here’s a short video of them today.

I Litter has arrived

Elsa had her pups today. 2 males and 3 females, all healthy and doing well. All pups are spoken for and going to great homes, thanks.

Hunter’s Moon I Litter confirmed

This is a repeat breeding of the H litter between Hunter’s Moon Elsa and Hunting Hills’ Blood Ty. We are expecting puppies to be whelped around January 28th and go to new homes the last weekend in March. More information can be found on the Hunter’s Moon H litter page.

We’ve been contacting all the prospective buyers, so if you haven’t heard from us, please contact us soon. Anyone else interested in more information, we still have a few deposits left, so contact us before they fill up.

Hunter’s Moon Elsa

Hunting Hills’ Blood Ty