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The K Litter has arrived with a big surprise!

Our 11th litter at Hunter’s Moon Kennel arrived with a big surprise. We were expecting a normal size litter of 7, maybe 8 pups from Elsa, but she astounded us with 11 healthy puppies, our largest litter to date. Welcome to these 5 handsome little guys and 6 beautiful little gals. With the additional pups, we will be contact those on the waitlist. If you haven’t heard from us, please contact us. If your new to Hunter’s Moon Kennel and looking for your new hunting buddy, please feel free to contact us as well.

Click on the link below for additional pictures.

J Litter pups have made it to their new homes

This post is a little late but 6 of the J litter pups made it to there new homes and one lucky little girl gets to stay with us.

Jago “Mickey” staying in Michigan with the Malecki family

Jorn “Scout” staying in Michigan with the Hagan family

Jaecar “Hemi” staying in Michigan with the Raguse family

Jetje “Gertie” staying in Michigan with Keith Terhorst

Jaci “Savanah” formerly Joli staying in Michigan with the Wielock family

Juno “Betsy” now in Illinois with Dave Taliaferro but will spending her falls grouse and woodcock hunting in Michigan.

Jana formerly Joci will be staying with us at Hunter’s Moon Kennel to continue our line of great hunting and family companions.

J Litter 6 1/2 weeks – New videos

The J Litter is 6 1/2 weeks old now and we have a few new videos. It’s been hot this week so we busted out the kiddie pool for them.

J Litter 5 weeks

The J litter turned 5 weeks yesterday, and as you can see from the videos, they are a lot more active and playful. It’s also didn’t take long for them to learn banging on their food dish means chow time.

J Litter is 4 weeks old

The J Litter turned 4 weeks today, and they’re growing quickly. They also had a busy weekend, as they were moved to the puppy pen and went outside for the first time. Here’s a couple short videos of them playing in the puppy pen and a little trip outside.

J Litter 2 weeks old

The J liter turned 2 weeks yesterday and they’re growing fast. Their eyes opened the last few days and they’re starting to walk. Here’s a short video from yesterday.

J Litter – 2 weeks old

Welcome J Litter

3 males and 4 females were born in the early hours of July 13th. Elsa and the pups are doing great. It’s been a long 18 months since we’ve had a litter at Hunter’s Moon Kennel. As most of us know, the puppy demand has never been high since the Covid-19 pandemic hit us. We’ve had close to 100 people contact us. Many phone conversations and several visitors come to meet our dogs. The J litter wasn’t as big as some of our last litters, but all the pups are healthy and doing well. We will be keeping a female to add to our kennel, so only 6 puppies available this year. We had more than enough great homes we could place them in, but unfortunately we were limited to 6 homes this litter. Due to the timing of the J litter, we had several people choose to move to the next plan litter for spring of 2022. If you didn’t hear back from us, and are still searching for a pup, please stay in touch with us about the 2022 litter.

See more pictures of the pups here.

2 more I litter pups pass NAVHDA natural ability test

Hunter’s Moon Iggy “Maverick” achieved 103 points prize 2 this past Saturday at the Central Indiana Chapter NAVHDA natural ability test. Hunter’s Moon Impeccable HotSpot Dot “Dottie” achieved a maximum score 112 prize 1 this past Sunday at the Northern Michigan Chapter NAVHDA natural ability test. Thanks to Bob Dine and Keith Terhorst for testing their pups.

Keith and Dottie

Natural ability prize 1 for the first I litter pup

Congrats to Paul Fritzell and 6 month old Hunter’s Moon Isolde “Daphne” on earning a maximum score 112 points – prize 1 at this past weekends Michigan NAVHDA Chapters natural ability test.

I Litter pups have made it to their new homes

All the pups have been picked up and are enjoying life with their new family’s. Little Ivo “Ziggy” had to get picked up a few days early with the the Canadian border getting closed, due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but his new family got here just in time. We are lucky as the rest of the pups new family’s all live in southern Michigan, and only a short drive.

Ivo “Ziggy” ready for his trip to Ontario Canada and his new home with the Chartrand family.

Inspector Mackinaw “Mack” (Iggy) staying in Michigan with the Lewis family.

Indy (Ida) will be staying in Michigan with Daniel Pond

Isolde “Daphne” staying in Michigan with Mileah and Paul Fritzell

Hunter’s Moon Impeccable HotSpot Dot “Dottie” (Irmina) staying in Michigan with Keith Terhorst

Here’s a short video of the 4 pups less Ivo, playing together one last time before leaving for new homes.