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Hunter’s Moon I Litter confirmed

This is a repeat breeding of the H litter between Hunter’s Moon Elsa and Hunting Hills’ Blood Ty. We are expecting puppies to be whelped around January 28th and go to new homes the last weekend in March. More information can be found on the Hunter’s Moon H litter page.

We’ve been contacting all the prospective buyers, so if you haven’t heard from us, please contact us soon. Anyone else interested in more information, we still have a few deposits left, so contact us before they fill up.

Hunter’s Moon Elsa

Hunting Hills’ Blood Ty

Spring/Summer natural ability test results G and H Litters

It was a busy spring and summer with 7 Hunter’s Moon pups NAVHDA natural ability testing and prizing. 6 out of 7 were first time NAVHDA test handlers as well. We’re also happy to report the G Litter qualifies for a breeders award. Thanks to all the owners for training and testing their pups. Everyone have a great hunting season this fall.

Fred Minchhoff with Hunter’s Moon Ghost Tug. Pocono Mt. PA Chapter. 96 points – prize II – 11 months old.

Jim Gilsdorf with Hunter’s Moon Griswold “Fritz”. SE MI NAVHDA Chapter. 103 points – prize II – 11 months old.

Stefanie Chartrand with Hunter’s Moon Galant Oskar. Ottawa Valley Chapter. 90 points – prize III – 12 months old.  

Ben McKeith with Galaxy Brunhilde. N MI NAVHDA Chapter. 99 points – prize II – 12 months old.

Mike Schulz with Hunter’s Moon Gustav “Goose”. N MI NAVHDA Chapter. 80 points – prize III – 14 months old.

Jill Cernohous with Hunter’s Moon Harper. Minnesota NAVHDA Chapter. MN N NAVHDA Chapter. 102 points – prize II – 6 months old.

Mathieu Gauthier with Hunter’s Moon Half Pint “Galadriel“. Ottawa Valley NAVHDA Chapter. 80 points – prize II – 6 months old.

H Litter pups have made it to their new homes

The last H litter pup has been picked up, and we’re happy to say they all have some great new homes.

Luke Louden from Indiana with Herbie “Flax”.

Alexis Pinson from Michigan with Hemi formerly Hank.

Collin Jonkman from Michigan with Hildegard “Birdie”

Tim and Jill Cernohous from Minnesota with Harper formerly Halo.

Johnson family from Wisconsin with Howl

Mathieu Gauthier from Ontario with Half Pint

Mike Burgess from Colorado with Hendrix formerly Hildi and Brian Burgess from California with Hops formerly Hedwig.

The Makkas family in Massachusetts added their second Hunter’s Moon pup Heidi.

Congrats to Hunter’s Moon Alder

It was a beautiful 60+ degree spring day in Michigan Sunday, and nothing better than running a couple dogs in the Michigan Amateur Hunting Dog Classic field trial. Only grouse and woodcock trial run for hunting dogs, so they don’t have to be fully broke through the flush like the traditional coverdog trials. Alder had 2 solid woodcock finds on his brace, and took 3rd place out of a field of 22 dogs entered. Very proud of our boy.

H litter pups take a road trip

March has been cold with a little too much snow to take the pups to our cabin, but we finally made it for a day trip. The pups thought the nice warm dry spot under a big white pine tree was a great place to play. Here’s a few short videos of the action.

H Litter 7 weeks old

The H litter has been enjoying the warmer weather and getting outside many times a day. Here’s 3 videos from the past few days.

Responding to dinner bell

Playing on the hill

Excited to go outside

H Litter 6 weeks old and finally getting outside

The H litter turned 6 weeks old yesterday. The weather has started to warmed up and they finally made it outside this past weekend. Here’s a short video of them enjoying running around in the outdoor dog run.

H litter is 5 weeks old

The H litter turned 5 weeks today. Here’s some short videos from this past week. So far it’s been too cold and too much snow to let them outside. Looks like it’s going to warm up this coming weekend, so hopefully will have outdoor videos for 6 weeks old. Thanks for watching.

4 weeks old and just started eating wet puppy food.

4 weeks old and getting use to the new puppy pen.

5 weeks old and having fun playing. Pups have colored collars on now, so check out the H litter 4 1/2 week old pictures to see who has what colored collar.

H Litter 3 weeks old

The H litter turned 3 weeks old yesterday and have become a lot more active and vocal. Here’s a short video of them make some noise.

To see more pictures, visit our Picture Gallery.

H Litter 2 weeks old

The H litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday. They are starting to walk and eyes have begun to open. Here’s a short video of them moving around the whelping box.