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Puppy Gallery – 4 1/2 Weeks

The pups turned 4 1/2 weeks today and like previous litters we gave them kennel names. Owners can keep the name or change it to anything that starts with the letter G. Of course the call name can be what ever they want. 


Gerhard – German for brave with spear.

Griswold – German for from the grey forest.

Ghost – Nickname for our favorite gamebird the ruffed grouse.

Gerwalt – German for mighty with spear

Goober – The smallest pup, full of energy and goofy, so we just had to call him little Goober.


Gertie – German for beloved warrior.

Galaxy – Just a fun name we liked.

Greta – German for little pearl.

Griselda – German for grey maiden warrior.

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