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Hunter’s Moon Elsa was born August 25th 2016. She is 20 1/2” (52.7 cm) tall, and weighs 40 pounds. Elsa ran her NAVHDA natural ability test at 9 months old, and she achieved a perfect score 112 points – prize 1. Elsa’s dam is our female Hunter’s Moon Breck. Her sire is Ivanhoff’s CP Andreas.

Elsa is a very outgoing hunting dog, with a ton of drive and desire. She loves to hunt, loves to train, and gets super excited when we are loading up our gear. We primarily hunt her on grouse and woodcock. She loves the water, and we look toward to training her for waterfowl hunting. She’s very athletically built, and has an excellent structural conformation which allows her to hunt all day. She is a medium ranging hunting dog in the uplands, and very good about checking in. Elsa has an excellent temperament, and is very affectionate.

She gets along with other dogs and children very well. She is a great house dog, but loves being outside as much as possible like the rest of our dogs. She’s one of those dogs that never gets tired of anything. We’ve been extremely happy with her, look forward to training, and many hunting seasons together.

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