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Hunter’s Moon A Litter

Hunter’s Moon A Litter

Krystal Creek’s Yippie Ty (Litha)
Hunting Hills’ Gunnar
Born: 06-21-06 Color: Brown/White

Height: 19.75″/ 50.4 cm Weight: 37 lbs

NA: 112 Prize I

OFA: SMU-91G29F-VPI Good

Michigan Grouse & Woodcock Hunting Dog Classic: 3rd place (Summer 2010)

Born: 05-10-06 Color: Roan

Height: 22″/ 56cm Weight: 54 lbs

NA: 102 Prize III UT: 196 Prize I

Running in 2011 NAVHDA Invitational

HRC: Started Hunting Retriever

OFA: SMU:85E24M-VPI Excellent

Certified Therapy Dog

9 puppies arrived May 21, 2011

This breeding should produce exceptional hunting dogs with a high prey drive, excellent noses and strong point. They should be easily trainable with a strong desire to please their owners and a love for the water. We also expect them to have an athletic build, smooth gait and stamina to hunt all day. Finally, both Litha and Gunnar naturally back other dogs so we expect the puppies to inherit this great quality.

2 females and 7 males

For pictures, please see the Puppies page and Puppy Gallery

Hunter’s Moon A Litter – Breeding
Hunter’s Moon A Liter – Birth
Puppy Gallery (Age 1 Day)
Puppy Gallery (Age 19 Days)
Puppy Gallery (Age 4 Weeks)
Puppy Gallery (Age 6 Weeks)
Puppy Gallery (Age 8 Weeks)
Puppy Gallery (Age 12 Weeks)

All photos Copyright © 2014 by Hunters Moon Kennel. All rights reserved.

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  1. Kevin, thanks for all the help and tips getting Sammy (a liter #4) ready for navda n.a. tests. This guy is worker in the field and a great family companlon. Thanks again for all the support and great little versatile dog. He. Is 16 months, 42.5 #s, all heart, and a lifetime family member. Dan klnnee.

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