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Krystal Creek’s Yippie Ty (call name Litha) was born June 21st, which happens to be the summer solstice in 2006 and where we got her call name.

Litha is 19 3/4 inches tall, weighs 37 pounds and is an athletically built dog with a beautiful gait. Additionally, her hips were rated by OFA as being “good.” In the NAVHDA natural ability test, she achieved a perfect score with a prize 1,112 pts. She is approved for breeding by the SMCNA.

She is intelligent, easy to train, has a great nose, and works with a high head. She is an excellent hunter with a ton of drive to hunt all day, and then she is ready to get up the next morning and do it all over again. She has a great quartering instinct, naturally backs other dogs and is a strong retriever. Like all Small Munsterlanders, Litha loves the water and it’s nearly impossible to get her to come out.

Litha hunts grouse and woodcock primarily, but we have also hunted pheasants, waterfowl, and rabbits. We’re hunting almost every weekend for grouse and woodcock from September 15th to November 14th and we take her on an annual trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in October. On August 22, 2010 we entered Litha in her first wild bird trial, The Michigan Grouse & Woodcock Hunting Dog Classic. She had a great run and placed 3rd out of 31 dogs. We are looking forward to running Litha in more wild bird competitions in the future.

On top of all the above, she’s a very affectionate and loyal dog. She gets along with other dogs and children very well. She’s a great house dog, loves to be part of the family, and is happiest when she is out getting her daily exercise.

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Litha with several grouse

Litha with several grouse

Litha at 9 weeks.

Litha at 9 weeks.

Litha at 9 weeks.

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