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Hunter’s Moon D Litter

Puppies for this litter were born March 16th, 2014. There are 6 males and 3 females.

Krystal Creek’s Yippie Ty (Litha)
Ivanoff’s CP Andreas
Born: 06-21-06
Color: Hellschimmel (Brn/Wht with ticking)
Height: 50 cm / 19.8 inches
Weight: 39 lbs

OFA: SMU-91G29F-VPI Good

NA: 112 Prize I

Michigan Grouse & Woodcock Hunting Dog Classic: 3rd place (Summer 2010)

Honorable Mention, Michigan Lakeshore Ruffed Grouse Society Fun Trial (2012)

SMCNA Breeders Award for A Litter 2011

Born: 05-22-2010

Color: Brown and White

Height: 57 cm / 22.4 inches

Weight: 51 pounds

PennHIP: 0.26/0.26

NA: 112 Prize I


Litha is an outstanding hunting dog who is primarily hunted on ruffed grouse and woodcock in northern Michigan. She has an exceptional nose, a strong point, and a ton of drive. She also loves the water, and is a great retriever.

The sire we have decided to use this time is Ivanoff’s CP Andreas. He is an very handsome male, with a nice athletic build, and an excellent coat. He is primarily hunted on pheasants in his home state of Illinois, and South Dakota every chance he gets. He also is an excellent waterfowl retriever. Both he and Litha received perfect scores (112 prize 1) on their NAVHDA Natural Ability Test, as has both their parents. Andreas is also preparing to take the NAVHDA Utility Test this summer with high expectations.

From the owner of Andreas: Andreas has the desire, stamina, and prey drive to hunt all day from sun up to sunset. He has a staunch point, and his desire to find game pulls him into thickets, but his intelligence keeps him safe from the tangles and briar. His range varies with the terrain. He has an instilled cooperation to please us in the home and in the field. He has been the easiest dog I have owned to train. He has a keen eye at marking downed birds for the retrieve. He loves the water, and is a very strong swimmer, with a nose held close to the water when searching for ducks. He is all business in the marsh and uplands, but a loving house dog when home.

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