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A Litter-Started Dog Sold

Hunter’s Moon Kennel is trained one pup from the A Litter as a Started Dog. Below is information about the dog at the time of sale (June 2012).

Hunter’s Moon Argos
Born 5/21/11
21 3/4″
50 pounds
NAVHDA NA test prize 1 107 pts

Argos is currently an indoor dog, but also does well in a kennel during the day. He has a ton of drive in the field, yet is able to turn it off in the house where he is calm.

He has a great nose, and a very strong point. He especially loves to retrieve and his desire for the water is increasing. He has a nice search, and works at a medium range.

Although he has been trained at our kennel, he has also spent some time with a professional trainer. He recently got a prize 1 in his natural ability test, and scored the maximum 4’s in everything but water, where he got a 3. He retrieved a bumper, but took a little longer then preferred so he lost a point.

Argos developed a butt bite, which prevents us from breeding him. However, he is a wonderful dog who has grown into a great hunter so it is important to us that he be sold into a hunting home only.

Below are a few pictures and video showing his growth over the last year.

For more information, please contact Kevin.

Argos @ 7 months (December 2011)

Argos @ 9 1/2 months (March 2012)

Argos @ 1 year (June 2012)

For more pictures, see the Picture Gallery and look for Male 5 from the A litter.

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