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Hunter’s Moon L Litter

Pups for Hunter’s Moon Kennel’ L litter were be born February 10, 2023. Please feel free to contact Kevin for to be added to the wait list for the next litter. 
Hunter’s Moon Elsa
Rasko vom Schutzenknapp
Born: August 25, 2016

Color: Brown and White

Height: 52.7 cm / 20.75 inches

Weight: 42 lbs

PennHip: .31/.38

NAVHDA NA: 112 Prize I (Age 9 mos.)

Born: June 6, 2019

Color: Brown and White

Height: 55 cm / 21.65 inches

Weight: 50 lbs

PennHip: .17/.17

NAVHDA NA: 110 Prize I (Age 14 mos.)

NAVHDA UT: 204 Prize I (Age 28 mos.)




Elsa is a beautiful dog with an excellent conformation, great temperament, and is also very affectionate.  We primarily hunt her on grouse and woodcock in Michigan, where she has a medium range and handles very easily. She is also a very good retriever of both upland birds and waterfowl.

The sire for this litter is Rasko vom Schutzenknapp. He lives in Virginia with his owner Mike Strup where he hunts waterfowl, woodcock, pheasant and quail. He also hunts pheasant and sharptail grouse in North Dakota along with ruffed grouse and woodcock in Maine.  Rasko achieved a maximum score of 204 Prize I in NAVDHA Utility Test at a very young age of 2 years and 4 months. The following year he ran in the NAVDHA Invitational and just missed passing with a score of 165.

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