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Puppies Have Gone To New Homes

May 28, 2014

It’s been a week now since the puppies left for their new homes. We couldn’t be happier they are all going to some great new homes. We thought we would introduce the pups and their new families.

Carson Haddow from Louisiana and his new pup Moon (Dux).


Jakob Derpinghaus from Wisconsin and his new pup Scout (Drugi).


Larry First from Michigan and his new pup Der Autumns Gracie (Diana).


Kirk Fitzgerald from Michigan and his new pup (Dancer).


Bernie & Lila Beeck and grand daughter from Minnesota with their new pup (Delmy).


Rick and Kerry Alspaugh from Michigan and their new pup Gunnar (Drummer)


Sean & Cristina Gamble Family from Ontario and their new pup Wally (Drogo).


Sharon Bower from Ontario and her new pup Drummer (Dax).


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