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August NAVHDA Natural Ability Test

September 4, 2012

August 25th, Patrick Day tested his male Axel out of the A litter in Maine. We were excited to hear Axel did great, and got a perfect score 112 Prize 1. Way to go Axel and Patrick.

August 17th, I tested our male Alder from the A litter and our little female Breck from the B litter, at the Northern Michigan Chapter. Unfortunately, Alder still had some pointing issues and got an 88 NP. He did great in everything else, and we know he’ll come around. Breck who just turned 5 months old the day before, got a 93 Prize 3.

Not 100% sure, but we think that makes her the 3rd youngest Small Munsterlander to prize in natural ability. I didn’t plan on running her until next spring, but she was doing so well I changed my mind after I heard there was an opening. I thought she might even have a chance at a Prize 1, but she got out too far for the judges to see her in the field. She got the full points in the water and tracking though. Still pretty good for such a young pup, and I’m very happy with her. Now we are looking forward to the ruffed grouse opener September 15th.

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