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Busy Month of May

June 3, 2012

The last month has been busy. May 4-6 I went to the Small Munsterlander Conference in Lyons, NY. I brought Preston and Lisa Graham’s puppy Addi (Hunter’s Moon Bela) with me, and they drove down from Connecticut to get her. They where so excited to meet her, and she will be the Graham’s 2nd Small Munsterlander.


Jack Bouska drove over from Illinois with his Dad Dan and brother S.J. to pick up his pup Remington, AKA Remy (Bruna from our B litter). This will be 13 year old Jack’s first hunting dog, and the Bouska’s 3rd Small Munsterlander.

On June 1st Hunter’s Moon Kennel had 3 pups from the A litter run NAVHDA natural ability. Dan Kinnee and Alma Samuel (Sammy) achieved a Prize 1 108 points. Our 2 males Argos and Alder also ran. Argos got a Prize 1 107 points. Alder decided he didn’t want to do the water retrieve, so he didn’t pass. We will give him another chance in a couple months at the next test.


After the NAVHDA testing, we had a chukar left from training the boys, so we let Breck have a little fun. She found the bird and proceeded to prance around with her prize.


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