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H Litter 2 weeks old

February 12, 2019

The H litter turned 2 weeks old yesterday. They are starting to walk and eyes have begun to open. Here’s a short video of them moving around the whelping box.

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  1. Dave Nighswander permalink


    Looks like another fine SM litter from Hunter’s Moon. I really like the conformation of the Sire & Dam. I had to think real hard about committing to one of the three initial females that were not spoke for (hopefully you’ve found homes for them). My 5-Yr. old from your C litter is an extraordinary companion in field & home (my wife says she adores me). With my 11 Yr. old lab still performing in the field, I think I may wait for a litter later this year or early next to consider my next Munsterlander.


    DL Nighs

    • Thanks Dave, good to hear your SM Xela is doing well and your old lab is still hunting. Two more females are spoken for, so only one left.

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